LOGOS, What you need to know.

Whether it’s on the surface of your branded coffee mug, on the screens of your smartphone or even on the tags of your favorite underwear, LOGOS ARE EVERYWHERE!! So, what are these really popular friends of ours why are they so important for a business and most importantly do you need one a logo yourself?

Though relatively young in terms of wide usage, the concept of using graphical artworks for representation and identification in the society is a very old phenomenon. humans have been identifying and differentiating themselves using emblems and signature marks for hundreds, even thousands of years. In fact, much of the symbolic design work throughout recorded history is all about communicating identity visually.

logos are a succinct and efficient way of communicating information about your business and are very key in creating a positive perception in the eyes of the public and potential clients. In fact, a logo is one of the most crucial branding investments a business should make in its formative stages. This is because it forms the basis of all other branding and advertising content I.e. Stationery, Premises, Products packaging, uniforms etc.


To start you off, here are types of logos for your consideration:

  1. Monogram logos

The consist of initials of the business name, they are mostly used where the organization has a lengthy name that may be a mouthful to pronounce for instance CNN for Cable News Network OR CBA (Central Bank of Africa) it makes much more sense for them to use initials than the actual name of these Organizations



Monograms are all about Simplicity therefore the font choice is very important to ensure that the logo is clearly visible and easily discernible at. Its also important to ensure that the chosen is in theme with the genre of business or the kind of emotion you want your brand associated with I.e. Script font logos for Fashion oriented businesses and serif fonts for serious businesses.eg Law Firms.


2. Logotypes

These are logos that consist of the name of the business or organization. They are used when the business has an easy, catchy or memorable name. The best example is Google and Visa.Consider this kid of logo if your business is young and has a catchy name that will stick to the mind of a potential client. to the fact that they are made of the names of the business logotypes allow for the direct retention of the business name in the memory of clients as unlike Monograms.




3. Logo symbols

These are usually what comes to mind when people hear the word logo. . They are recommended for  old brands that already have a following in the industry. A good example is Apple and the bird in tweeter. The advantage that these bad boys have over their counterparts is that they are easily recognizable for and they can be understood by people who can’t read.

However, a lot of caution should be observed when choosing the artwork or icons to ensure that they represent what they company stands for and also to prevent cases of the logo having other meanings that could be frowned upon by the society that the business is based in.



4. Abstract logo marks

These are artworks or designs that are more conceptual rather than literal which allow the business to condense the whole business into a single artwork that’s truly unique and is easy to remember and apply on the other branding items. Due to the uniqueness of the design the business is able to cultivate emotion and symbolism around the design.



5. Mascots

Simply put these are illustrated characters that act as brand ambassadors for your business, they are almost always fun, this is in order to appeal to a wider audience especially children. examples include Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and our very own Super loaf. Their main advantage is they encourage interactivity for instance through animated commercials. People could also dress up as these characters to further increase the interaction during expos or product launches and such. However, depending on their level of detail they could be expensive in other branding applications .



6. The combination marks.

As the name suggests this type of logo is made up of a combination of two or more logo types blended artistically in a way that makes sense. The type could be the name of the business spelt out accompanied by a graphical representation of the business name. When used strategically they both form a very versatile logo since either can be used in place of the other during branding. i.e. the pictorial could be used without the logotype when circumstances or technology necessitates it


combination logos


7. The Emblem

They consist of the logo types and artwork inside a line or around the artwork, they are mostly traditional and are used mostly by organizations that have a long history e.g. schools and churches. They contain a lot of detail and as a result,problems could arise during the other branding applications.  The intricate design and the fact that this is a very old logo design type ensures that the company it represents has a long history in that particular industry and this gives the business some sort of borrowed credibility which ultimately encourages the potential customer to have confidence in the output of the business at first glance



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