How Social Media Strategy impacts Business Today.

How Social Media Strategy impacts Business Today.

Social media transcends geography, and the utter scale and diversity of audiences on social media platforms makes them tremendously important. It is against this backdrop that I found it necessary to examine how social media strategy impacts business sustainability.

Beyond the more familiar and traditional business value drivers of above-the-line advertising, outbound public relations or internal stakeholder engagement, social media strategy without a doubt offers a refreshing and innovative approach to business sustainability.

The Social Media Marketing Industry Report illustrates small business owners are seeing the greatest results from social media strategy.  Some of the critical goals of B2B branding via social media include:

  • Building better relationships with partners, prospects and customers.
  • Attracting prospective customers and compressing sales cycles.
  • Monitoring competitive positioning and ensuring you’re ahead.
  • Establishing thought leadership in your industry.
  • Building brand awareness and preference among decision makers.

We’ve discovered that a social media marketing strategy, executed successfully, can be a powerful vehicle to engaging customers.  Why not start growing your business today? Collaborate with us today on info@westbrookconsult.com

Here are a few steps you can take while developing your Social Media Strategy:

1) Define your target audience

2) Start blogging

3) Create educational content

4) Focus on a few key social channels.

Research key networks to learn where your target audience is most likely to spend time, and focus your effort on building, nurturing, and sustaining a community there before moving on to another channel.

5) Develop a recipe card to guide you

Start by developing a reasonable recipe card you feel comfortable sticking to. Set goals for how frequently you’ll post content and engage your followers, and hold yourself accountable to following your recipe. (Get a free social media content calendar here to organize your efforts.)

6) Measure your results

Be sure to chose metrics that are easy to gather – if it’s too time-consuming to track, you’ll fall off the wagon!

  • Net new fans and followers
  • # of interactions
  • Visits to your site from social