Website Design & Development

We design websites that your customers and search engines will embrace.

Website Design Strategy

Best Website Design Kenya.

We don’t just build websites, we envision connections between people and how we can improve their lives. We are the best website design company in Kenya. Our strategists immerse themselves in the world of your users, uncovering their needs and motivations. Equipped with insights, we create strategies to radically shift user behaviour and generate positive results for your digital presence.

Custom Website Development

We understand that a great website needs more than just a layout, it needs to be functional and easy to navigate. If your site is difficult to interpret visitors will leave. That’s why we make it our goal to understand and clearly communicate who you are and how it will benefit your audience.

We create sites of all shapes and sizes, from individual brand sites to large organizations, and handle every stage of the process: strategy, research, design and development.

User Experience and Interface Strategy

A great website user experience starts with knowing who your visitors are on a more personal level. We design your website using wireframes that reflect user personality and create a friendly user experience for your customers.

We practice a ‘user-centered’ design process that focuses on making the interface work intuitively for the end user.

The solutions we create are based on the outstanding balance of customer needs with business goals resulting in experiences that attract, engage and oblige customers to act. WestBrook’s goal is to help increase your business performance, increase in customer sales, customer data or onsite engagement. Our goal is to create solutions that encourage your customers to act, to come back and to build a lasting relationship with the business.

Checking out all processes on how the user would navigate your website and find the information they’re looking for will provide insights into designing a user-friendly website.

Content Management Systems

Content defines who you are online. Real, convincing and useful content is a brand’s most valuable digital asset. From headlines to calls to action on your landing pages, compelling copy is necessary across all platforms that your company engages in to convey a brand personality that connects with your target audience.

We dive into the deep end of strategy and implementation by applying a user-centric, business-minded approach to all varieties of digital communication. From creating sitemaps to creating content, our range of expertise makes us a vital piece across a project’s.

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile is the lead touch point for users. Gone are the days where we would sit in front of a computer, turn it on and wait to go online. We are always online and the gateway to our digital world is now our mobile phone. Which is why we give apps the attention they deserve:

  • Mobile user experience
  • Native & hybrid applications
  • iOS & Android

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