Women & Technology; What is the impact

When a woman helps another, amazing things can happen. Professional careers leap forward. If the situation in Kenya is anything to go by. There is a huge shift taking place in relation to Women & Technology. For the longest time, the tech world has been a male-dominated industry but now the women are slowly climbing up the tech ladder.

Its mind blowing to think what could have done for women if it existed years ago, and how much its empowering women around the world today. Additionally, the issue of women and technology could help us move forward, but also be setting us back by making harassment and exploitation of women easier.

Technology has made women using high tech to make sure we have equal rights, empowering ourselves in the work place, at home and in our lives in general. Tech has given women ability to connect in areas of education, health and justice. It has also certainly opened our eyes to the plight of woman around the world. Consider the impact social media had after the horrific event of the house girl from Uganda who unreasonably punished her employer’s child.

Women & Technology has taken the cover off a lot of social issues providing a voice for the voiceless. Most of all. we wouldn’t know some of the things that are going on in countries like Saudi Arabia. Awareness through the internet is a critical thing just to see the support for victims.
The same technology that is empowering us can also push us down. Negative shift in identity to women occur to great extremes, dependent upon the media outlet they are being portrayed. While we like to pretend to live in a world of equality where each individual matter above all material possessions, a darker truth lies beneath the surface in the actual values people and group assigned to life. Morality and money e.g. women can be seen as intelligent equal to men with the right to become educated, have children, a career or own a business.

The Increase in media outlets, the growth of the internet and other advances of media technology have led to a decrease in the ethics that business use when deciding to send out a message that .

It feels like the new kid on the block, because there has been too much excitement and online abuse because of lack of regulatory mechanism. Example, former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng faced cyber bullying when she was in her most trying moment, when Wangui Gitonga was crowned Miss Kenya 2013 some people were of the opinion that she did not deserve the title because of her physical features.

Women 6 Technology is no doubt a topic that is here to stay especially when developing new technologies that will impact women and men’s lives equally.

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